Positive support after the birth of your baby

My name is Kate Wadsworth and I am a Postnatal Doula based in Knutsford, Cheshire. I am a mum-of-three and a qualified NCT Antenatal Teacher, so I understand that the time after the birth of your baby can be both challenging and rewarding. I am here to provide you, your newborn and your family with practical and emotional support during this time. Supporting you whilst you are transitioning from partner to parent, from one child to two or to provide you with extra help if you’re going it alone. Having children changes your life, but what can make a real difference is receiving personalized one-to-one care during this time and I believe that every family should benefit from this level of non-judgemental support.  I have the hands-on experience to be able to assist new parents with this journey and I have a passion for enriching the care of expectant and new mums. Whether you need a lot of help or a little and whatever your reasons are for engaging a Doula, I offer a non-judgemental and friendly service and would love to help you along your journey.   Please do get in touch for a friendly chat!        

‘When I was pregnant I imagined what life would be like with a baby and I was sure I would know what to do – but I was wrong it wasn’t like I thought and I didn’t know what to do.  My daughter had colic and she cried a lot, which in turn meant I cried a lot.  She was a terrible sleeper so I barely slept and she did not like to be put down at all which meant I had her in my arms almost always. I worried there was something wrong, the doctors said there wasn’t but…


I first meet Kate when she was our NCT teacher. She was an incredible source of information, presented in a friendly and approachable way. Kate has been a continued support after my less than perfect birth experience. She provided lots of emotional and practical help; her experience in advising me on how to access my notes, directing me towards help for breastfeeding issues, visiting to help with the baby so I could have meal breaks and even accompanying me on a dog walk so I made it out of the house! Kate is warm, compassionate and practical, exactly what I…


Everything I was doing was for the baby, finding little time to do things like washing my hair or finishing a cup of tea. I just needed someone to say it’s okay!  I needed someone to say ‘slow down, create opportunities for yourself’ and in the end I realised that looking after myself was just as important as looking after my new baby. Having Kate in my home provided that support, space and time for me to come to terms with the changes that were happening to me and around me and build my resilience as a parent.