About Me

Positive and experienced support

I am a mum-of-three, an aunt of five and friend of many families who have young babies and children, so I have ‘first-hand’ experience of supporting parents after the birth of their babies.

After having my own children and a long career in HR, I decided to retrain to support others during the transition to parenthood and went on to qualify as an NCT Antenatal Facilitator and Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. The post-natal period can be a very challenging time. It is a time when expectations hit reality and through my studies and practical experience, I have gained an insight into how a Doula can provide both practical and emotional support to a family whilst they are transitioning from partners to parents or from one baby to two.

My knowledge about recovering from birth, feeding and newborn care (both first-hand and from those of peers) has led me to be a very understanding Doula as I know that two births are never the same and people have different needs.

Whilst having children changes your life, accessing and being surrounded by supportive, non-judgmental influences can really make a massive difference to how new parents cope with these profound physical and psychological adjustments.

I am a naturally organised person that is able to listen and support the way that your family needs it. There’s no one-size-fits-all package and the reasons that people engage a Doula can vary, but some of the common reasons for engaging the services of a Doula can include:-

  • Living away from family
  • Unable to access local support
  • Help with feeding
  • Time to recover from a difficult or complicated birth
  • Reassurance
  • Maximising the quality time that you spend with your family after the birth
  • An extra pair of hands for multiple births

Whatever your reasons are for engaging a doula, I would love to help you along your journey. The services that I offer can be found by clicking here.

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