My Services

Easing the transition to life with a new baby

A Postnatal Doula is going to mean different things to different people depending on what and why a family needs support.  Some common reasons for engaging the services of a doula include:

  • Living away from family
  • Unable to access local support
  • Help with feeding
  • Time to recover from a difficult or complicated birth
  • Reassurance
  • An extra pair of hands

There are three main areas where I can offer support as a Postnatal Doula:

Practical Support

  • Prepare lights meals, snacks or slice a cake. Nourishing you so you can focus on the important things.
  • Load/unload the dishwasher.
  • Put on a load of laundry.
  • Make the bed.
  • Make a comforting hot drink.
  • Support and information about using slings for ease around the house.
  • Guidance and an extra pair of hands for bath time and play time.
  • Help parents to recognise their baby’s cues.
  • An opportunity to rest which naturally promotes healing.

Whilst providing this assistance, one of the most important jobs I can do is provide an ear for listening. Listening without judgement, listening with compassion. Whether that’s to debrief a complicated birth or for reassurance around what is normal baby development, I can help you enjoy the postnatal experience rather than just survive it.


As an NCT qualified antenatal teacher and breastfeeding peer support worker I have access to the most up to date information about infant feeding.  Knowing what information to trust and follow in the early days can be very overwhelming. Using my experience and knowledge, not only can I help practically with position and attachment or signposting to local breastfeeding charities, I can also help you decipher the information to back up any decision you make.

In today’s society, parents should have the ability to feed their baby how they chose, as a postnatal doula I can respect those decisions and works alongside you, providing support and reassurance at every stage.

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

In many societies around the world, mums are encouraged to do nothing for the first 40 days post birth. This gentle transition into parenthood allows the mother to rest, heal and enjoy their baby.  The pressure new mums face in the western society to ‘get back to normal’ is immense. The race to be back in ‘pre-pregnancy jeans’, or to be seen at the ‘baby group’ can often do more harm than good for a new mum’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

As a postnatal doula, I can provide vital support during this transition allowing you to talk about how you are feeling, acknowledge the stresses of early parenthood and support you along your journey.  Building a postnatal support plan for your family and watching you grow into confident parents then becomes the new normal.

Helping to relieve the load, listening to you and your needs, supporting you emotionally and practically can make a huge difference in making your experience a positive one and freeing up time for you to bond with your baby.