Why use a Postnatal Doula?

Giving you time to enjoy your new baby

‘Doula’ is a Greek word for a woman’s servant! However, in today’s society, a Postnatal Doula is a supportive sidekick professionally trained to provide physical and emotional support during the time after the birth of your baby.

Hiring a Doula doesn’t mean that you can’t cope, nor does it mean that you are failing as a parent.  Engaging the services of a Doula can be a really positive experience,  helping to ensure that the time spent following the birth of your baby is fulfilling and rewarding.  Many women now choose to engage the services of a Postnatal Doula before their baby arrives.

Every birth is different and every woman requires different support postpartum. It’s a very busy time and can, of course, be daunting to some.  The support that I can give you can range from an extra pair of hands (bathing your baby whilst you take a break), preparing lunch for other children in the house whilst you spend time with your baby to more professional support. For example, helping you with breastfeeding, showing you ways to settle your baby or be a sounding board about what’s normal and what’s not!  As a Postnatal Doula I can support you to help you relax and enjoy this time with your baby.  I feel strongly that a Doula is beneficial in many situations.

A Doula doesn’t replace your midwife or heath visitor, rather they work alongside them to give you extra support and care. If you would like to read more about what a Doula does then please give me a call or you can also visit Doula UK.