‘When I was pregnant I imagined what life would be like with a baby and I was sure I would know what to do – but I was wrong it wasn’t like I thought and I didn’t know what to do.  My daughter had colic and she cried a lot, which in turn meant I cried a lot.  She was a terrible sleeper so I barely slept and she did not like to be put down at all which meant I had her in my arms almost always. I worried there was something wrong, the doctors said there wasn’t but I didn’t know how to stop it.  I loved my new born so much but I couldn’t soothe her and I didn’t know why.  My biggest worry, and it sounds silly now, was that people wouldn’t like her, that they wouldn’t want her around, but this was such a real fear for me and I always felt upset about it.


Kate had been my NCT instructor and we met for a reunion when my daughter was 12 weeks old. My baby screamed through the event whilst all the other babies seemed calm and serene.  I think Kate knew I needed some one, and Kate was perfect. She visited me at home, she made me cups of tea and talked to me, she listened as I talked and she hugged me when I cried. But most important to me was that she looked at my daughter like the perfect little person she was.


Although these things may seem small they were everything to me at the time.  I will never forget Kate’s help, and for knowing what I needed even when I didn’t.  She is the perfect doula.’

Sarah baby born May 2016.