My tribe and me.

My tribe and me.

As a postnatal Doula and an NCT antenatal facilitator I talk a lot about the importance of ‘finding your tribe’ or creating support networks to help during the postnatal period. But the reality is these tribes and support networks are invaluable at all times of life.

A ‘tribe’ is a group of people coming together as one, working in unison with a common goal.

I had my babies on the other side of the world, a long way away from my family tribe. However, they found a way to support me with lengthy phone calls (pre face time!) frequent visits and gifts to remind me of their love and support.

I created a new tribe in the community where we lived; other new mums, some in similar situations to me and others who had a plethora of parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My family tribe was still the one I held close to my heart.

My babies have grown up now and the support I need has changed, but my tribe is still the same – always there when I need them, caring and nurturing, just as they did back when I was a new mum.

Your tribe might not consist of family or be the people you thought it would be, but don’t underestimate the power of their support.

On Saturday the 22nd of September, my tribe and I walked a half marathon around the streets of London, raising money for Cancer Research UK. It was my crazy idea to challenge ourselves, and my tribe rose to that challenge. I couldn’t have been without them 11 years ago and I couldn’t be without them now.

Using a postnatal Doula or visiting a postnatal drop in could be the first step in finding your tribe, creating your support network .

And once you have found them you never know what you might end up doing together!

Walking with my tribe!